US Law education

October 20, 2009

The most evolved economy in the world today is the United States and it comes as no surprise that it has one of the most evolved legal systems. If your dream is to pursue a legal career that spans economy and business then the best place to head to would be the law colleges and law universities in USA. Law in USA is one of the most sought after professions and finding a place in any of the prestigious law colleges is tough.

Unlike other countries, a student can pursue a law degree only at the postgraduate level and to become eligible one has to be an undergraduate. All law colleges in USA offer two types of degrees in law, which are Juris Doctor or JD and the Masters Degree in Law or LLM. Armed with a JD, one becomes eligible to practice in US Courts while an LLM degree is a higher degree that is awarded to lawyers who intend to specialize in their chosen field of interest.

The JD program requires students to pursue a three-year degree course. Other law related degree programs are available but they won’t qualify the holders as lawyers as these programs may not have ABA accreditation. ABA is the American bar Association that gives accreditation to law colleges and schools. The best law universities in USA will have ABA accreditation.  A student who qualifies from an ABA accredited law college in USA becomes a full-fledged lawyer and is eligible to practice in a court of law in USA.


Education of Lawyers

September 17, 2009

There is an examination called the Common Professional examination that students must pass with good marks in order to set the ball rolling to practice Law in UK. Law practice tests are a good source to hone your skills before appearing in the exam. Like mentioned earlier, they can finish the process of learning law in the undergraduate level itself. It also possible to study Legal Education by earning a diploma in a Law college in the UK or a Law University in the UK.  After the degree is earned, vocational courses is completed by students to finally finish their process.

“Education of Lawyers” is the top most body and the governing council for legal education in the U.S. “Juris Doctor” or “Doctor of jurisprudence” is the official law enabling practice degree that is given by law colleges and law universities to students. After this, he has to do a variety of law practice tests to attend a bar exam and pass in it effectively. After a prospective lawyer passes the bar exam, he is given an official license and officially becomes an Attorney of Law. Now he has the option to practice independently or join a law firm.

Law in UK, for evolution and study

August 18, 2009

A combination of rules and regulations that creates an ambience of safety security, justice and equality in a civilized world is called a Law. Law brings about a transformation in the society and a change in people.

The process of teaching and training young learning minds the basics and intricacies of law and order and enabling them to practice it is called Legal Education. To learn Law and legal systems, people apply for admission to law colleges and law universities, study in-depth about the subject and then practice in real life.

These days many students go to study Law in UK. There are many Law colleges in UK which provide studies in UK and International Law. The reason why many prefer to study Law in UK is because of their similarity with Indian Law. This way one who studies law from a good Law College in UK can understand Indian Law also very well. Law Universities in U.K teach prospective lawyers the basics of law at the undergraduate level. After they graduate from the college, they are made to achieve distinction in a bar exam. Once that is done, they are given a certificate and then become eligible for practice.

Law in UK and USA

July 21, 2009

In most of the countries, apart from the U.S, law colleges and law universities teach legal education at the undergraduate level. Such graduates are required to pass a bar exam before they officially become lawyers and start practicing.

Law In the US
The apex body for legal education is called the “Education of Lawyers” in the United States. The name of the official professional degree that is given by Law Colleges and Law universities is called Juris Doctor or Doctor of Jurisprudence. Once a student is given this degree, he is required to pass a bar examination. Once this is done, he is a given a license to practice as Attorney of Law. He can start his own practice or join a law firm. However as many as 32 states have a different method of admission in which the bar examination is not required.

To become a full fledged lawyer, a prospective lawyer must first do a lot of law practice tests to do well in the examination. The process of becoming a lawyer is as follows:
1) First complete a 4 year Undergraduate education
2) Join a Law school for 3 years.
3) Pass the bar examination and get admitted into the bar
4) Start doing Legal practice

Law In the UK
In the United Kingdom, a student must pass the Common Professional examination. This again calls for some good study and solving law practice tests. They can complete their legal education in the undergraduate level or by getting a diploma from a law college or law university. After getting the degree, the prospective must complete a vocational course and do an internship before becoming an official lawyer.

Studies in Law

June 5, 2009

Law is a cluster of rules that help bring about order and justice in the free world. It is used to bring about change in the society and in people. Legal education is the process of teaching individuals the aspects of law and order. People go to law colleges and law universities to study legal education that will help them in the field when practicing. Legal education comprises of:
1) Degrees in law that can be completed at the graduate or undergraduate level depending on which country you finish the degree in.
2) It also includes certain Vocational courses in which future lawyers are required to pass the final exams to be awarded to certificates.
3)Academic degrees that are higher than the post graduate degrees such as the PHD etc.

Law Universities in UK

May 12, 2009

Law is a set of rules laid and governed by an official institution. Law is an instrument used to maintain discipline and respectability in the society and politics. Law is made up of different disciplines like Contract Law, Property Law, Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Tax Law, Civil Law, Labor Law, International Law and so on. Practice of law is a legal profession in the name of an advocate or barrister.

The study of law in UK is related to many other countries. A student to register in Law colleges should have completed High School with average grades and should have an IELTS score of 6.5 and above (for students whose first language is not English). The applicant should also should be 21 years of age or older.  Then the student can apply for a 3 year undergraduate course known as Bachelor’s Of Law (LL.B). The students can further pursue a graduate course Masters of Law (LL.M). The famous Law Universities in UK are

•    Manchester School Of Law
•    University Of Bristol
•    Nottingham School Of Law
•    University Of Central England

Universities for Law Studies

April 23, 2009

In US to enroll in a Law College a person needs certain qualifications like a bachelor’s degree in law. Apart from this the person has to be a member of regulatory bodies like The Bar council, Bar Association or some other Law society. There are a number of Law Universities world wide which offer courses in Law. In US the study of law is quite different than other countries. Initially a student has to complete a bachelor’s degree for four years in any subject. Then later the student has to take up a Juris Doctor (J.D) course which is the doctorate course for law. After a JD degree students may go ahead for an LL.M degree. However these degrees are not enough to start their career in law. Some of the best Law Colleges in US are

Yale University, New Haven
Columbia University
University Of Chicago
Harvard University
Stanford University

The students have to take up a Bar examination for the particular state where they plan to build their career. The students can learn more about this examinations and Law practice tests by contacting the American Bar Association. It is very important to be through and diligent with these Law practice tests before one can become visible in the exam and hope to crack it.

Advantages of Study in Australia

March 18, 2009

Advantages of studying abroad in Australia is wide but few of them are the fundamentals, specifically,
English is a prime language in here. There is a wide chance to improve your spoken skills
Cultural raptness is a standpoint broadening experience. While your stay here you will be open to the elements to the people and cultures and of course visit the country.
Discover the various counties here. This country has wide range wildlife and an exotic culture.

Studies in Australia offer outstanding educational opportunities. The study culture here is of more advanced nature and appropriate to counter the technologically developed global society. Not to mention, studies in Australia shall lead you into an independent and disciplined individual who would ably incorporate a customized day to day routine while studying abroad.

Australian Study Abroad Programs

January 14, 2009

Any one can study abroad irrespective of age. There are lots of reasons to study abroad; however, usually the reason is to get hands on approach to the subject. In recent times, the scope of subjects offered for lessons has increased appreciably. Studying abroad, be it Australia, UK, U.S or Canada, has its share of extensive opportunities for academic and personal development. To get the best result, you got to choose a university with well-built academic certifications and a spirited course of study.

Before deciding on the university, there is a wide range of study abroad programs for Australia U.S, U.K or Canada. Offered by schools, institutes and colleges these programs are based with courses that often include research and study skills, academic English and writing, business English, Math, presentation skills, and preparation courses for entrance examinations, such as TOEFL and IELTS. They also allow you to choose on these subjects. Many assist you till you successfully get into a foreign university.

Once you decide to study abroad, say Australia, U.S, U.K or Canada, you got to be very keen in choosing the country. There are a lot of countries listed when you sit to decide the country. There are some pros and cons with every country when you look at this list. Among them, an intelligent decision would be to study abroad in Australia.

Study Abroad in Australia

December 24, 2008

Different students come to Australia for different reasons. While most wish to undergo the excellent education method here, many are attracted to Australia because of the variety of courses it offers right from schooling to postgraduate degrees. There are many fields to like IT, business and management, tourism and hospitality, engineering, music and arts and many more. There is also no dearth of types of professional institutes in Australia. Each offers first rate support for international students and a promise of providing them safe environment. Many students prefer to study abroad in Australia because their home country has no option for the course that suits their ambition.

Australian study programs also provide high social standing to their students when they return back to their individual homes with the conferred international degrees. All the high profile jobs give priority to the candidates holding these international degrees. The whole family also gets regard from the society.

Though, some students miss their family, culture and food while staying abroad, which is but natural, most relish the prospect of staying with friends, meeting new people, and feeling like a free bird on a foreign land. The fact that the culture of Australia sports much more openness and vitality only doubles the joy of staying abroad.

The experience of studying abroad in Australia leaves long lasting memories in the hearts and minds of the students, who get to meet new people from different ethnicities here, make new friends from different regions and build lifelong relationships in the process. Many a times, such relationships prove to be the pillars of a successful career.

The study abroad programs in Australia provide an unmatched combination of world class education, state-of-the-art facilities and excellent exposure, conducive to holistic growth and development of student’s personality.  In a gist, studies in Australia offer great value for your money and strong future prospects in your professional life.